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Just got back from the church where we watched a performance of Cinderella. I thought it was really well done.

They had Jeva and Verena play doves; Kathrin Köhler was Cinderella, Patrizia was the wicked step-mother and Lara-Mae and Bianca were the step-sisters. Andreas played the king, and Bettina, Thomas, and Sister Blume played various servants. Nicole Riquarts was the prince.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Poor Kathrin probably had the hardest part, especially with having to change all the time. (The sisters kept their pretty dresses on after the first ball, but Cinderella changed back into her old clothes all the time.)

At the final ball, Kathrin wore her mother's wedding dress; she looked really good in it, I thought. But even in the plain dress and apron of her Cinderella part, she looked good.

After the play, there was finger food in the foyer (and the corridor wasn't really wide enough to let everybody get to the food in a reasonable amount of time).

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