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Christmas devotional

Stella and I are now in Tornesch at my father's house.

This evening, we went to a Christmas devotional to Pinneberg in church. The roads were pretty slippery since it had been raining and the rain froze on the ground, creating a sheet of ice. The rain had also created a sheet of ice on all cars, so everybody had to scrape to free their panes from the ice. But we got there safely and in time.

This time it was not Brother Maichel but Brother Bensch who read the Christmas story. I was pleased to hear that he read the Luther translation. While the Church has been using the "Einheitsübersetzung" (unified translation -- actually, it's only the New Testament and the Psalms on which the Catholics and Protestants agreed; the rest is IIRC mostly Catholic) for years now, the Luther translation feels more "religious" to me.

Part of it is probably the archaic language (though there is a 1985 revision of Luther which modernises the language slightly), which is also part of what makes the King James Version sound more formal to me, and part of it is the fact that the Luther translation is the one that has influenced the German language most in terms of proverbs and so on. So the Luther nativity story just sounds more "authentic", though it remains, of course, the same story no matter what translation is used.

Felipe was also there, though Ireen wasn't. She had been released from the hospital this morning but was still recovering. And Susanne Frauenlob was also there (don't know what she's called now, though). She inquired after Ireen's baby and I could tell her it had arrived last Wednesday. She says her daughter is now two and is really cheeky -- and such a handful that she's worth two children :) Which is why she isn't planning on having another one soon.

We got back all right and I'm now sitting at the living room table, typing on my stepmother's laptop (I'm connected to the Internet via AOL -- the horror! the shame! :D).

In case I don't get a chance to get to the Internet in the next couple of days, a merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it!
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