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Has anyone got a spare F1817A power adapter?

Grr. Remember the AC power adapter for my Pocket PC that I had been complaining about a while ago because of a loose electrical connection?

I think it's finally snapped today; when I wiggle the plug in the box, something inside the box wiggles as well, rather than being firm, so I can't get it to make contact.

This is rather annoying, since I suppose it means I have to get hold of a new one stat. However, a quick Google for sites in Germany didn't bring up anything promising (except about a dozen places with similar URLs which all redirected to the same shop—at least, the first couple did and I assume the others do as well; looks like a Google link farm or somehting).

At any rate, I emailed the shop and they say they don't carry that item any more. OK, given, that Pocket PC (HP Jornada 548) is several years old, but that's still a bit annoying for me. And searching eBay for "F1817A" didn't produce anything, either, even when I said "search in all countries".

I don't suppose one of you would happen to have a spare F1817A adapter lying around? Preferably for 220/230 V, 60 Hz? Or know where to get hold of such an item?

Edit: Searching for "Jornada" on eBay in the "PDA accessories" category is more promising. There's one person who's selling an original HP adapter since his PDA got stolen, and a bunch of shops selling travel AC adapters which are probably not original HP but are billed as being "for" HP Jornada. So all may not be lost at this point.

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