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On the first day of Christmas...

Christmas Day. This morning, Jennifer picked up Ireen and Felipe and little Emily. When they were here, we got together and received our presents. Jennifer distributed the presents since she was the closest to the Christmas tree under which we had laid them.

Everyone got one present at first; when everyone had one present in front of them, we were allowed to unwrap them. When we were done, everyone got another present, and so on until the presents were gone. Stella got the most presents :)

I got an Asterix in French (Astérix chez les Bretons -- incidentally, Stella got the same volume in German from another sister of mine, quite by coincidence), a Fox Trot comic anthology, a pair of over-trousers for when I ride my bike in the rain (unfortunately, they were too small), a little device for measuring distances on maps, a white button-down shirt from Lands' End, and a spectacle case. I think the best was the Fox Trot comic -- that comic is hilarious! We also each got a plate with sweets and nuts and biscuits. That was nice.

Several of us played Carcassonne -- die Jäger und Sammler and then it was time for dinner. After dinner, we played some more and also talked (and Ireen and Felipe, who hadn't got much sleep during the night, napped on the couch). Then it was time for coffee and cake (well, Caro coffee).

Now things are winding down. We're sitting around in the living room listening to Christmas music, Felipe is dozing on the couch and my father with his head on the table, Stella is reading the description of the baby carrying cloth Ireen got, and Jennifer is playing with the candles.

This evening, we want to watch Die Braut, die sich nicht traut (Runaway Bride), which will be broadcast at 20:15. I'm not sure whether I'll still watch it as I'm already a bit tired, but I did find it pretty funny when I first saw it in the cinema. Plus I tend to like films with Julia Roberts in them.

Goodbye for this evening!
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