Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


I went for a little post-Christmas shopping to day, to see whether they had any interesting Christmas sweets on sale. Boy, was it full! I suppose I committed the triple sin of (a) going on a Saturday around noon, (b) shortly after Christmas and (c) on the first day that fireworks can legally be sold around here.

And when I wanted to bring my shopping cart back, there was no other cart to attach it to, so I couldn't get my little plastic chip back. I was the first person this happened to (just before, an employee there had taken away the last shopping cart) and slowly, a queue of people with carts started to form. Unfortunately, nearly all had chips rather than coins in the carts, so people who wanted a cart were out of luck since they couldn't just give the person a €1 or 50¢ coin in exchange for the one in the cart. Finally, an employee came around with a little metal thing which would unlock the coin.
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