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I'd seen the brand "Benq" around in computer circles, and wondered how it was pronounced (bengk? ben-queue?).

When I watched LOTR III: ROTK, there was a Benq advertisement before the film; like the film, the advertisement was in English, and the voiceover said "ben queue".

But today I came across a Gwoyeu Romatzyh-to-Pinyin conversion table and wonder whether "benq" is Gwoyeu Romatzyh... in which case it'd correspond to Pinyin beng4 (bèng), which is much more pronounceable.

( lists three characters pronounced "bèng": 迸 繃 蹦 (though can also be first or third tone, with different meanings).)

On the other hand, they do spell their company name as "BenQ" (or, in their logo, benq) rather than "Benq", so that may be out.

I wonder where the name is from, then.

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