Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Today at church

The few Sundays that Stella was away, I thought I'd sit with the Köhlers rather than by myself. But each time, Brother Heyen came up to me and asked me whether I'd be willing to bless the sacrament. It almost seemed as if Someone didn't want me to sit with them :). The last time it happened, I even said to Andrea that it almost wasn't worth sitting down.

This weekend, Stella is in Berlin visiting her aunt. And so after Sunday School, I went down and I wondered whether to even bother walking down the aisle to where they were sitting (their pew was also pretty full already)... when Brother Heyen approached me. It was creepy! And whaddayaknow, he asked me whether I would bless the sacrament.

I told him I knew he was going to ask me that question because he asks me to do so every time that Stella is away... whereupon he said that he hadn't even noticed that she wasn't there today! Bizarre.

During sacrament meeting, the bishop announced that they would be releasing the Primary presidency. The new presidency will be Anika, Sonja, and Tanja. What an "interesting opportunity" (for Chinese values of) for Anika, who had been in the old presidency and had occasionally voiced her discontent with how the president organised things.

I also thought of a way to represent Lojban in the Arabic and Hebrew scripts. I'll have to check the Wiki to see what's already on there, and maybe write up my proposal. A lot of it is pretty natural, but I'm not completely sure what the best way is to represent diphthongs. (Hm, if I settle for "only diphthongs which can occur in lujvo", I'd be set, since I could use ya and waw as second letter, but if I want the full complement including the ones used e.g. in attitudinals (UI), I'll have to think of something more general. At the moment I'm tending towards the use of `ayn as a "null" character to bear the second vowel of the diphthong.)

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