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Narnia film

Spiffy—just read that there will be a film called The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, after the C.S. Lewis book by the same name.

See for more information, or read the press release announcing the agreement. (More movie news.)

Ah, nostalgia. That reminds me I wanted to get myself the boxed set of the Narnia Chronicles (I used to have one but lent it to someone who ended up buying it off me).

Also reminds me of the "religious war" concerning the order of the books; IIRC there are two major reading orders: by Narnian chronology and in order of writing, and both have their merits. (I believe the "order of writing" one seemed the better to me at the time.) Though as I read this time line, the order of publication is not the same as the order of writing….

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