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How to sell more computers

German computer magazine c't had the following in an article about computer sales numbers:

Die höchste PC-Dichte der Haushalte gibt es laut Nielsen/Netratings übrigens weder im Silicon Valley noch in New York, sondern in Salt Lake City (73 Prozent in [sic] Jahre 2000). Die Mormonen treiben halt intensive Ahnenforschung — und dafür sind PCs samt Internet eben sehr nützlich.

My translation:

Incidentally, the highest density of PC owners by household, according to Nielsen/Netratings, is neither in Silicon Valley nor in New York, but in Salt Lake City (73 percent of households in the year 2000). You see, Mormons are heavily into genealogical research — and PCs, especially with an Internet connection, come in very handy for this.

I should think the conclusion is obvious: if you want to sell more PCs into a nearly-saturated market, convert all your potential customers to Mormonism :D

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