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So I changed the passwords on all of my GMX accounts recently, including the one I use as my main account.

I did this from work, using Firebird, so that it would update its stored passwords database (at home I usually use Opera and its Wand feature doesn't seem to be as good, so I only have the main account password stored in it). I also saved the new passwords in my Password Safe.

I then sent the safe database to my home address by email—the GMX address. But no problem, right? That address forwards on to my real address with my current ISP, for which I haven't changed my password.

Except that I had disabled forwarding since I wasn't at home yesterday evening (babysitting for Gerulats) and was expecting a message I wanted to have access to.

So now I'm locked out of my GMX account, and the key is inside.

At least I'll be able to set things right tomorrow.

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