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XP and its woes

It's rather annoying that so many programs under XP (including two of the preinstalled ones - one of them associated with the antivirus program!) fail if they're not run from an account with administrator privileges.

This is getting annoying enough that I'm tempted to give all accounts administrator privileges.

I'm also rather used to just writing into any directory I feel like.

Another annoying thing is that I'm not so sure what to do with the partitions - I'd like to keep my previous scheme (C = system, D = programs, E = data) since it makes it easier to reinstall the system if necessary (only C needs to be wiped) or backup stuff (only E).

The hard drive is partitioned into C (~40% of the disk space, NTFS), D (~40%, FAT32) and E (~10%, FAT32), where C = system and most other stuff, D = tools, E = recovery partition.

So since a bunch of stuff probably relies on knowing what's in C, D, or E, I'm not sure whether I can just change this around. (And I'm not sure whether my old-ish version of Partition Magic can resize NTFS partitions.)


Ideally, I'd have a much smaller C partition, a medium-sized D one, and a largish E one, plus room for alternative operating systems such as Linux.

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