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RIP JenniCam

I was trying to remember what the name of that girl was who ran The Sync; the website itself has changed considerably since I last went there.

So I tried a Google search of Wikipedia for "The Sync", which didn't turn up anything.

Next thing I tried was searching for "Jennicam", kind of for old times' sake (I used to watch the 'cam a bit, mostly around 1998–99 I think, and was a paid member for a year back then), since I remember they used to have a little show on the Sync, and found an article which said that the site "closed permanently on 31 December 2003". (Yet the domain's WHOIS record was last updated in February 2004.)

Kind of weird; it was one of the fixtures of the net, sort of.

ETA: I remember a name now! The name of the girl was Karla, right? She had a program called the Karla Zone, IIRC. I can't think of a last name, though.

I remember finding her blog and having a brief read about a year back, which was also an interesting experience, since she seemed a different person than I had pictured her. But then, she was five years older than when I had watched her on TheSync video clips.

...ah, no; it was "Carla". After googling a bit, apparently, she's Carla Cole.

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