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"Look! No eyes!" meme

From joyitude comes this meme - type without looking at the screen (and, I take it, without looking at the keyboard, either)

So, no typos will get fixed, and it'll just come out the way you wrote it. I imagine I'll do fairly well, since while I don't use 10 fingers, I can touch-type simply by virtue of having used keyboards since I was in fourth grade, so my muscle memory knows wheter the keys are. I think.

It does help that my keyboard has little knobs on the f and j keys. I'm not sure what the keys are TBH but I know that my index fingers rest on them :)

Sometimes my muscle memory is also interesting in that I type something, know immediately that it's wrong, and hit backspace to delete them and correct. Might have been better not to type that in the first place, wouldn't you think? Yet it happens.

Babble, babble... this has been fairly content-free. Oh, I went to Institute last night with Stella, and we talked about Isaiah.

The sun is shining, and I have work toto do. Not much (a day or two worth), but still.</p>

Have a nice day everyone!

(PS: I did it with my eyes closed, as that seemed the simplest way to ensure that I don't look at anything.

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