Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


What's all this ruckus?

I am not going to ask you three questions, or seven questions, or turn to page twenty-six of whatever book is exactly eight feet away from me. Neither am I going to ask you to ask me questions, or answer questions, or quote from a book, or be interviewed, or automatically generate a post.

Instead, I am going to not hit the "post" button until I have some actual content [or a rant about not having any actual content], rather than brain-destroying fluff that masquerades as "thought provoking" but really is just an easy way to avoid actually doing any work.

Nobody wants to interview you. Nobody cares. This is the Internet. Memes are boring. I am in a profoundly bad mood because every time I see the "new posts" icon flash, my spirits rise and I think "Oooh, something interesting!" but instead it's just that sodding "ask me three questions hurrr hurrr hurrr" crap and it's old and tired and cut it out.

(I bet this will get the flames rolling in. But really now, surely there are more interesting things to put in the "update" box than text you copied and pasted from another person, who copied and pasted it from another person, who copied and pasted from.... etc.)

ganked from subbes

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