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I was down to 4 chebs (81.7 kg, 180 lb) early last week (around Tuesday-ish; see milixograke for details), which was my interim goal for my diet.

Then, on Thursday, I decided I was bored of no snacks and had some. Besides, I rationalised, I had originally wanted to give up chocolate for Lent, and Easter was over. I also bought some leftover Easter treats and indulged on Friday.

On Saturday (yesterday), we went shopping with Debby, and I bought some chocolates.

Saturday morning I weighed over 84 kg (185 lb). I vaguely hoped Debby's scales are calibrated differently than ours, but Stella said she weighed what she expected on them.

This morning, I weighed exactly 85.0 kg (187.4 lb), which had been my starting weight at the beginning of my diet, and the weight Stella had said some time ago I shouldn't exceed.

So the 3.3 kg (7.3 lb) I lost in four weeks I gained back in two days.

...I think I'll have another chocolate.
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