Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Happy New Year!

Stella and I spent last evening at Schlüters'. Anika picked us up around half-past seven, and we got there just in time for Dinner for One. Watching that film was a New Year's Eve tradition in my family and I was glad I had the opportunity to do so this year as well. Stefan and Elaine were also there but they left after the film. Leif was supposed to have come but he didn't, but Bianca was there.

Then we had dinner together -- raclette. Pity I wasn't feeling very hungry, so I didn't have much (on the other hand, when I got on the scales this morning, I was glad I didn't have more -- I haven't weighed this much in months!).

After dinner, we watched Pretty Woman on video, which Schlüters had rented. I think it was the first time I saw the film, and Stella said it's a must-see :).

Towards the end, Andrea and Mario came over together with Simon and Sebastian. Andrea was pleased to see Pretty Woman was running and she stayed till the end (which was only half-an-hour or so) even though she only wanted to pop in for ten minutes since she wanted to visit another daughter and her mother(-in-law?) as well.

After the film, we played Carcassonne -- by popular demand, the old "blue" version which we had brought along rather than the new "green" one we had given Schlüters for Christmas. We also had some "Berliner".

After the game was over, it was about ten to twelve; good timing. Harald switched on the television to get the exact time -- while switching through channels we found a colourised version of Dinner for One: heresy! It should be enjoyed in black-and-white! :) Still, we watched that until it finished just before midnight and then found another channel which had a big clock face superimposed on the screen. At twelve, we toasted one another and then Harald and Bianca went outside to set off firecrackers and rockets.

Anika, Stella, and I preferred to watch from the warmth of the kitchen window; that also made it less noisy and we didn't get the smoke. The fireworks went on for pretty long; surprising since Anika said that in small-town Nenndorf people usually don't do it for so long.

When Harald and Bianca came back, we played the green version of Carcassonne ("Jäger und Sammler") and then it was about two o'clock; Harald drove Bianca and us home then. (For the first ten minutes, I had to hold onto the car door because it wouldn't shut properly; something about the lock freezing or so. Weird.)

Then straight to bed -- but first Ohropax into my ears, not only against the noise of further fireworks but also the party somewhere in our block of flats. I slept until about 9:30 this morning.
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