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The Wedding Planner

I just watched The Wedding Planner with Stella. She had picked up the DVD at the library yesterday and we wanted to watch it then, but I came home too late so we put it off till today.

I liked parts of it but found that, on the whole, things moved too quickly for me.

Suddenly, they fall in love with one another, and Fran and Steve only realise at the last minute that they don't love one another. But does Steve love Mary? After all, he's only known her for a few weeks!

And when she accepts Massimo's proposal, I thought that was a better prospect—a relationship she enters knowing what she is doing, and not simply following feelings, accompanied by "wedding music that predicts a marriage of only fourteen months".

When Mary was in the courtroom reassuring her father that she was making a conscious decision, I hoped that would be it. But it wasn't.

Ah eh. But it was OK.

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