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Philip Newton

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Random memory

I once sent a letter to my friend Petra in Poland for which I wrote the address completely in Cyrillic (except for the country line, which was biscriptal/bilingual in Cyrillic/Greek / Russian/Greek: ПОЛЬША/ΠΟΛΩΝΙΑ), because I was curious whether it would still arrive. (I didn't include anything "important" in the letter, just in case it wouldn't.)

I imagine that pretty much every Pole old enough to be working for the postal service will have had sufficient Russian at school to have learned the Cyrillic alphabet, so it was more a question of whether they want to deliver such a letter; I didn't have much doubt that they could.

The letter did arrive; I wonder whether this had to do with the fact that I sent it from Greece, a country that does not use the Latin alphabet—whether they gave me extra leniency points because of that.

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