Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Ultrasound appointment

This morning, Stella and I were at the gynæcologist's for her second ultrasound appointment. It was the first one where I was there, too.

It was exciting watching the doctor point out various parts of the body such as the head with eyes and nose (though I confess I couldn't see anything there), the stomach, the kidneys, or the heart. It was fascinating seeing the heart beat and the valves move.

He said everything seemed to be in good condition and symmetrical and the right size for the unborn child's age; he guessed that the child was about 30 cm (about 12 inches) long now from crown to sole and would probably have a birth weight "around 6 to 7 pounds" (that's "metric pounds", so about 3000-3500g or about 6½ to 7½ imperial pounds).

He was looking mostly for measurements of the head and ribcage but had asked us whether he should try to determine the sex of the child if the appropriate parts came into view, and Stella said she wouldn't mind. Near the end of the inspection, he said that the child had turned and he couldn't see its genitals well but that based on what he had seen when he was looking for other things he said he was 95% certain it would be a girl. (I'm not sure how he can be 95% certain when he wasn't paying specific attention, but eh :D)

Next ultrasound appointment will be in about eight weeks' time, in the 30th week.

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