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Prams on eBay

I just bid €55 on a pram and am having second thoughts whether this was a good idea.

The auction is going to expire in a quarter of an hour and bids are only €15 on it… I would have expected to be outbid immediately.

Now I'm unsure whether to wait up and see what happens. I'm also not sure whether the seller ships; he makes contradictory statements of "Pick up in person since shipping is expensive and inconvenient for me" and "Shipping can be arranged; contact me for pricing afterwards".

Part of me is hoping that I'll be outbid in the next fifteen minutes and that we'll maybe get this other pram which only offers "Buy it now" for €298… but which is a bit better and where the seller explicitly offers shipping (worldwide, even).

On the other hand, €298 is a lot of money.

On the third hand, there's no telling whether we'd get a decent pram cheaply off eBay if we didn't buy this one which obviously looks good—but then again, perhaps it just looks good?

Meh. Impulse purchases. Gah.

Edit 22:17: €40.50 now.

Edit, one minute to go: We've been outbid.

Edit 22:42: The second pram auction finished as well. Stella decided not to bid on it.

Will have to think about things more when we're more awake—tomorrow or later.

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