Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

"My friends come in groups" meme

From eilanhp come this meme:

Have you ever had the feeling that as your friends-list grows bigger, you think of people on your friends-list in terms of groups, even if they maybe don't know each other? Look through your friends-list and list these groups and maybe a short explanation of why you connect these people.

I thought about it and there aren't really that many groups on my friends list—there are quite a few "isolated" people where I know them but they don't know any of my other friends, or only a couple.

By far the biggest group of users on my friends list is support people (including "other" journals such as isalang and unfleeced and ex-support people)—over a third (45 out of 124).

Next biggest is the group I call "": people I know directly or indirectly through Into this group I'd put ali_in_london, blech, davorg, frobisher, marnameow, nassus, noidd, nou, nou_cooks, nwc10, pdcawley, sphyg, uon, weatherpixie. karen2205 arguably also fits in here, but I think I added her because I knew her through support and only later found out that she knows people from this group.

Then there's the "Zompist" group: bicoherent, komsip, lordofbair, pauraque, sedesdraconis, so_haleza_grise, whimemsz, zompist.

The "Leipzig" group: insel, n_true, suomi_fani, youki, scotsswing. I got to know these through n_true, whom I got to know through linguaphiles.

Some others I got to know through linguaphiles: caoin, fenix_en_llamas, sparkofcreation, timwi. (I'd count timwi as a linguaphiler rather than a support person, at least based on when and why I added him.)

There are also some users I know through certain languages, such as Klingon (jiqel, jiqon, qurgh, weqqul, yemqoyad), Latin (beluosus, jdm314), or Lojban (jezrax, thedward).

But after that, it gets really hard to form groups, and I'd say most of the people don't know one another.

Very vaguely, they might be put into the categories "programming", "people I met in other communities/in others' journals", and "interesting people I found".

These also tend to have the most interesting reasons for coming across them, ranging from "Being emailed by someone I know from elsewhere where I once freaked her out because she thought I was stalking her" over "Found through the magic interests search as being 'most compatible with me' before the feature was turned off" and "met through a code sharing community" and "Saw recommended as a good journal to read" to "they friended me seemingly out of the blue and I friended them back".

This list contains about 30 people, and I think only five or so of them know anyone else on my friends list (being_homeless and robnorth/oilf know jpallan, haela and subbes know one another, nik_w knows jessdev [actually jojobear99] and emmavescence; oh, and the bride seems to know timwi as well).

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