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Baby names

We used to have more girl names than boy names… but recently we kind of agreed on a boy name. So when the doctor said it would probably be a girl, we were thrown a bit :)

We've got a name we kind of like right now—Amy. Dead simple for Americans to recognise, but Germans also have a decent chance of pronouncing it after hearing it. Whether they'll be able to pronounce it on reading it or spell it on hearing it remains to be seen; I'm not sure how well-known the name is over here, but it's not completely unknown.

One reason I like it, though, is that it fits into the phonology/morphology of some other languages I know, such as Greek (η Έϊμη, της Έϊμης, την Έϊμη [i Amy, tis Amys, tin Amy]), Japanese (e.g. 詠美, 英美, 瑛美, 栄美, 永美—which, incidentally, would all be "Yeongmi" / "Young-Mee" in Korean), and Verdurian (Eymi, Eymë, Eyma, Eymin). Pity that -ий (-iy) is a masculine ending in Russian, and that it wouldn't work in Lojban which requires names to end in a consonant.

...I'm such a dork.


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