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One little, two little, three little... um... children named Amy

I was thinking about the name "Amy" and how it's inflected in other languages and thought that in Greek, the plural would probably be οι Έϊμες, των Εϊμών, τις Έϊμες (unless it goes like δύναμη, in which case it'd be οι Έϊμεις, των Έϊμεων, τις Έϊμεις) and in Verdurian it'd be Eymĭ, Eymië, Eymem, Eymin.

But what is it in English? What goes in the blank in the sentence "How many ______ do you know?"?

I'd guess it'd be "Amys"… even though by the normal rules of English morphology it'd have to be "Amies". But somehow, inflecting proper nouns seems strange to me.

What is the correct plural of a name such as "Amy"?

(And I wonder how "Eimi", or whatever the name would be to correspond with Finnish morphology, would inflect in Finnish.)

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