Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Spring cleaning

I deleted some users from my friends list.

This is not because I don't trust you to read my entries; rather, it's because I've found that in general, I tend to skip over your entries. It's nothing personal about you, just about how much time I've spent reading your journal.

If you'd prefer to be able to read my friends-only entries, comment here and I'll add you back but leave you off my Default View (at least for now), if you don't mind reading my journal when I don't read yours. (Though as you've seen, I tend to post mostly public entries.)

Feel free to keep me as a friend and/or comment in my journal if you want or to defriend me.

The same goes for all others: if you wanted to defriend me but weren't sure how I'd feel, please go ahead now.

In general, if I have you friended, I'd like to read your journal, so if it's mostly friends-only, I won't be able to any more, so I'd prefer to stay. But it's your friends list.

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