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More PDA woes

Feh. My PDA's "Today" screen wasn't displaying anything except the date—the bottom part of the screen was simply not updated and continued to show whatever happened to be there before.

That screen had taken some time to update before but would eventually show appointments and tasks if you waited a while, but not now.

I guessed that resetting the PDA would "fix" that, but then I'd lose the text completion history, which I wanted to avoid.

But then JWPce wouldn't start its dictionary any more so I decided to restart the device anyway to clear out the memory.

JWPce's dictionary works now, but the user-defined conversions for verbs don't work.

And I've noticed that the system's text completion feature is randomly corrupting text: letters will be replaced by the letter before it in the alphabet.

At first, I thought it was due to typos, which I do make occasionally due to recognition errors, but then I saw a word which I knew was correct being offered for completion incorrectly... and a bit later even more incorrectly (with another letter having flipped). Bizarre.

Feh indeed.
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