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Eee Tanja baby!

When Schlüters came by this morning, I asked them whether Tanja's baby had arrived yet (since today is her due date), and they said yes.

Jana Magdalena [after her great-great-grandmother] Vollbrecht was born on Wednesday 2 June around 4:30 in the morning after 16 hours of labour. Tanja had developed gestosis (? Schwangerschaftsvergiftung), so the doctors gave her something to increase contractions.

Jana was a very small baby at 50 cm and 2600 g (19¾ in and 5 lb 12 oz); anything below 2500 g (5 lb 8 oz) is generally considered low birth weight here and gets the child sent to neonatal care (NICU?).

Tanja and Jana expect to come to fast and testimony meeting today where the child will be blessed.

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