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Pet peeve: "realisieren" in German

Gah. Just read an article in German Wikipedia which used the German word "realisieren" in the sense of "to realise, understand, come to know"; this is, for me, an anglicism and a false friend and rubs me the wrong way. (It should be something like "fassen, begreifen, sich gewahr werden, erkennen, verstehen" instead IMO.)

For me, the German "realisieren" should be restricted to the sense "realise a project (i.e. implement it, carry it out)".

This rant has been brought to you by Prescriptivists, Inc.

(Hmm... though my Duden does recognise the other sense, even if it's marked in the etymology as "from the English word 'realize'".)

Another pet peeve is the spelling of "Entgelt" as "Entgeld", though it's easy to see where that confusion arises.

ETA: Heh. And coincidentally, "Zwiebelfisch" has an article about the Americanisation of German.

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