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If in doubt, throw it out

This evening, I wanted to eat some salad (feta cheese, cucumber, and tomato) that Stella had made me yesterday.

Yesterday, I was feeling so full that I didn't eat it. I had planned to put it in the fridge overnight but forgot, so it stood on the kitchen table. The kitchen wasn't heated, so it was a bit cool in there and I hoped it would still be all right today.

But then I took the Tupperware container out, the lid was bulging, and I wasn't sure whether that is a bad sign or not. Maybe a temperature difference causing the air inside to expand? Or maybe gas-producing bacteria?

I tried a little of the cheese but my nose was stuffed so I couldn't taste much. I figured it might be better to just chuck it -- better safe than sorry.

Anyone have any idea what might have caused the lid to bulge? Is this a known result of food going bad?
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