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[baby] Birth preparation course, part the next

Not much new this time. Some exercises on big rubber balls, rotating the pelvis and practising positions for having contractions in.

Oh, and I mentioned to the midwife a program we had seen on TV yesterday ("Hello, Baby!", where they show some couples preparing to give birth or even actually doing so), and how the children were taken away after birth to get bathed and dressed and stuff, and she said yes, those were probably larger hospitals which are more "birth factories"… that one of the advantages of a smaller hospital such as Harburg was that they can pay more attention to mothers and children.

But the main plus for Harburg is probably that it's one of 20 hospitals in Germany which received an award for being especially nursing-friendly, and part of that is allowing bonding to occur right after birth by letting the newborn have skin contact with its mother for an hour or until it has nursed the first time. So yay. Yet another reason that speaks for Harburg.

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