Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Finally getting around to writing a little. Unfortunately, the Win32 client doesn't seem to work too well at home, often appearing to hang when it's trying to post, so this goes through the web interface. (No preview -- ick.)

Friday evening, Stella and I went out to a restaurant with Schlüters. At first we weren't sure whether they would be able to keep the appointment, because Harald had had a car accident the day before, but he was fine (the traffic was moving very slowly because it was in the middle of a traffic jam) and they had borrowed Anika's father's car.

We went to a Yugoslav (or something) place called Bei Domo's in Fleestedt. I liked it there, and also the menu. Rather a lot of meat for my liking (which also made it difficult for Stella to pick out a meal since she's more-or-less vegetarian), but a fairly wide variety, and the food wasn't bad, either. We also had an enjoyable conversation.

So enjoyable to them also, apparently -- today, Harald asked me whether we would go out on the 29th to celebrate his birthday (which is on the 27th). Wow, a private invitation for a "birthday party" with just the two couples :) But I must say, the past few times we've gone out with them have been very enjoyable as well.

I'm glad we have this friendship that we do.
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