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[baby] Birth preparation course

This time started earlier, since Astrid had some sort of big meeting until six and didn't want to wait around until seven, so we started at six-thirty.

We started off with some breathing exercises again, then she talked about the second and final stages of birth and introduced us to some different birth positions that women can take to deliver the child, some of them with the partner helping (e.g. supporting the woman from above).

At the beginning, Ingrid Eichweber was also there, the midwife who checks up on Stella regularly and who will be caring for her after birth, too. She talked about the care a midwife provides after birth and offered to do so for any other participant as well.

We also briefly talked about Stella's wish to give birth assisted only by a midwife; when Ingrid mentioned that, Astrid asked, "Oh, so that's you?"

It's a really new thing, and apparently one of the things they talked about today was that the first person had already made an appointment for an initial consultation :)

Stella blushed bright read at the "Oh, so that one person who's the lucky first is you guys?" ^^

We also finished earlier, after only an hour and a half rather than two hours, so that people could go home and watch football :P

Next time, we'll be looking at the delivery rooms.

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