Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Yesterday evening

Yesterday evening, Stella and I went to Peter Gerulat's 40th birthday party.

It started at 7:30 pm; we arrived shortly before that and there were only two or three people there, but the house rapidly filled up shortly thereafter. Bettina said that it had been difficult to provide food since they were expecting "between 15 and 50 people", which is rather vague :). Apparently, Peter had invited 47 people and 15 so far had confirmed, so they know it had to be somewhere in between but didn't know how many.

Drinks were downstairs; most people drank alcohol-free beer (Beck's) or "Waldmeister" (woodruff?)-flavoured punch. There was also dry ice in a styrofoam container that one could put into the punch for effect -- to see the roiling fumes coming out of one's cup (I guess from air humidity condensing on the cold carbon dioxide). I put too much into my second cup and after a while it stopped bubbling because the dry ice had frozen the bottom of my punch so there as a chunk of ice there. But when I had drunk most of it, it came loose. I think I swallowed some dry ice because my throat felt weird for a while. I hope it didn't do any permanent damage.

Around nine, the band performed, in the cellar as well -- Natural Born Speeseburger (a play on words between "Spießbürger" and "Cheeseburger", I think): Peter at the drums, Bettina on the bass, and Thomas Heyen on the guitar. Sonja Heyen sang but she was only "guest vocals" since the band doesn't have a singer yet. They plaid three pieces they had composed themselves. It was rather strange at first, not quite my music, but there were some good bits and the last song, in particular, I found quite good (though they needed four starts because Peter kept getting confused). It was hard to hear the vocals but Sonja said that was intentional :D

We left around 10:30 since I was getting tired and so was Stella. I was a bit surprised since she usually keeps on going until past midnight. Maybe because she's been getting up at five in the morning recently.
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