Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Looking for a cot

Stella was considering building a little cot that she could place next to our bed; it'd have walls on three sides and be open on one so that one could quickly pull it over, e.g. for nursing during the night, but wouldn't be actually in out bed.

She wanted to look at the example we had seen in eBay, to see the pictures, so she asked me to search for "Stillbett" (nursing bed). That search found not only the item we had seen before but also a new item which looked interesting!

We had a look at the website for the "babybay" cot and saw its many uses, and it looked really interesting (though it was twice as expensive as the other cot on eBay).

We also found a list of addresses on the babybay website under "contact", so we presumed those were the addresses of shops selling this cot.

There were three in Hamburg, so we decided to pay one of them, in Bergedorf a visit. However, we didn't see it there, nor did either of the two shop assistants I asked know anything about it.

I considered visiting another shop on the list but Stella advised calling them first; I did and the person answering the phone said they didn't carry any "hardware" ("Hartware") such as beds at all—they only sold baby clothes and the like. So good thing we didn't make the journey. My fingers wrote "journal" there at first… Still, a bummer that they didn't have them, and I wonder what those addresses are on the website for if the shops mentioned have never heard of the product? It seems to be fairly new, only having been available since March, but still.

Since we were in Hamburg anyway, we went to Karstadt Mö because Stella wanted to have a look at an Eastpak bag. It turned out that it wasn't quite the way she had remembered it, but she did find some wool there she liked and we headed over to the delicatessen section to see whether they had any American food.

They did, and I picked up some beef jerky and some Oreos.

Right next to the American food, they had a little Tchibo shop-in-shop, and I wandered over, since Stella had bought some baby things there last week. They still had those there, even though they change their selection every week, and we bought some more things :) A "bathing duck" (with a life belt around its belly), two bibs, a blanket, a star that plays music when you pull on a string, and the like.

Have I mentioned yet that we both like ducks? :)

Finally, we went to Marktkauf in Harburg for milk and bread, which we were running out of, and I tasted some new biscuits they were offering. Once was rather nice, and I bought a packet; the other was a variation on a well-known brand (chocolate cream between two wheat biscuits), but with whole-wheat biscuits. I didn't like it that much, since whole-wheat products have a fairly strong taste of their own, which didn't go well with the chocolate filling, I felt. Also, I thought biscuits shouldn't taste so healthy ^^.

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