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Writing a little paragraph about each of your friends

aajwind recently participated in a meme asking users to write a short paragraph or so about each of your LiveJournal friends.

It was interesting to read them, the way he described how different people are special to him or what he things about his relationship with that person—how it was, how it is, and how he'd like it to be.

I'm not sure whether I could come up with anything so eloquent about my friends list. (Also, I have nearly twice as many users on my friends list, so it'd take even longer to write.)

But still. I have quite a few people on my friends list, and for a variety of reasons.

Oh, and another thing I thought of while I read his entries is the number of support people he's friended. It… made me a little bit jealous that he's good friends with some of the people he is, at least one of whom I'd friended but who didn't friend me back. And I'm not friends with a number of other support people who seem to be most excellent, judging by his description, because I didn't friend that many people from support. I still have a fair number of support people on my list, though. Hm. And a long enough friends list that I'm not too seriously tempted to add many more people just now.

*thinks* maybe another reason I'm a bit uneasy about participating in the meme is that I've friended different people for different reasons and I wouldn't consider all of them equally good friends. Some I've friended because they're interested in similar things to me, or because they're part of a group I feel I belong to (e.g. conlanging)—not specifically because I read their entries avidly. Some of them don't even update much or at all, using the account only to comment on entries or to read Friends Pages, or having essentially abandoned it after only a post or three. So there's not a whole lot I can say about them.

And writing something about only some of my friends might offend those I leave out—or even those I include, if I can't come up with something meaningful and deep about them. Or so I think.


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