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Yay legacy support!

I just wanted to install Personal Composer 16, an old program for typesetting music (old as in "written for Windows 3.1" old), so that I could input a song I'm supposed to be practising the accompaniment for (I think I mentioned it in my journal—Kathrin and Patrizia will be singing).

Unfortunately, it comes on 2 3½" disks… and our new computer doesn't have a FDD.

My options are roughly (in no particular order):

  • Install the FDD from my old computer (there is a slot on the front that one could break out, and presumably a cage behind it where one would fit)
  • Buy an external USB FDD
  • Copy the diskettes to a CD-R at work


OTOH, maybe I should take this as a cue to learn LilyPond, which I think I have around here as part of my Cygwin installation.

Edit: Actually, LilyPond won't help me that much; I just remembered that my primary goal was to have the program play the music for me so I would hear how it sounds when played at the right tempo rather than my irregular hunt-and-peck tempo, whereas LilyPond is all about creating sheet music. Hm.

Edit: Oooh. Perhaps all is not lost.

Edit: Success! The sheet music looks rather crappy, mostly due to stems pointing in the wrong direction, but the MIDI file it produced sounds passable, if rather mechanical.

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