Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Walking on the ice

(Rats, DNS is acting up and I can't get to a bunch of sites including Google.)

The past few days have seen sub-zero temperatures and so the lake near here froze over. The other day, the local rag said that the ice needed to be 20 cm thick for them to allow people on and that they had measured 19.5 cm.

Today, Stella and I went to have a look. The ice was indeed thick enough that lots of people were on the lake. At the south end, there weren't that many but towards the north end it got really crowded. There were booths set up on the ice selling mulled wine, sausages, and other things. In a couple of places, the snow had been cleared away and people were playing ice-hockey or just skated. There were also several places where a longish strip of ice was laid bare and people (especially children) had fun sliding on the exposed ice. Lots of sleds everywhere with fathers pulling children. Also a fair number of prams.

Whee! I can't remember having walked on a frozen lake before. It was fun. Pity we didn't think to bring our camera.
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