Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Temple, Day 4

A busy day: four sessions—and Isabel was in three of them. So much for "maybe we'll see each other tomorrow, maybe not" :-P

First, a baptismal session at eight; Daddy and I were assigned to confirmations (I confirmed and Daddy recorded). On Daddy's suggestion, I confirmed Jennifer, Elaine, and Ireen in English, Because I Could :)

Then, at ten, a sealing session. Ireen had been assigned to that session, too, but found someone to replace her: Conny Rotenburg, who had already left the temple but had felt impressed to return, though she didn't know why—perhaps it was so that Ireen could find her.

Then a quick lunch, and Jennifer drove us to TOOM supermarket so we could shop for tomorrow's food.

At three, Jennifer, Ireen, and I (and Isabel) were in an endowment session led by Daddy and Inka; Jennifer and I were the witness couple. Shortly afterwards, at five, another sealing session.

Stella couldn't handle the kneeling very well, so I was mostly paired with Ireen instead, which was also fitting. (At one point, we had a "natural" configuration: Daddy, Inka, and I representing respectively father, mother, and child.)

Daddy wanted to get the luggage situation sorted out by eight o'clock tomorrow morning, so I shan't go in tomorrow and retrieved what I had in my locker there tonight (and also returned the trousers I had rented).

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