Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Temple, Day 2

Did an endowment session at 10, then had lunch.

We had a "family" baptismal session at 3 with Elaine, Jennifer, Stella, Daddy, and myself, as well as another family and some Serbians.

I baptised Stella, Jennifer, and Elaine, as well as two Serbian men and a young lady.

The Serbians had brought their own names, which I tried to pronounce as well as I could. This was hampered by a lack of diacritics on the cards, so I had to guess whether e.g. c stood for c, ć, or č. However, I was told later that I had done a passable job, which was good to hear. (Incidentally, it helped that they had written dj for đ, e.g. Djordjevic.)


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