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Temple week, Day 0

We had a rather enjoyable train ride here.

When we got in, there was one girl sitting in the six-person compartment where we had reserved seats. She looked at us and asked, "Aren't you two from the church?"

It turned out to be Anna Christin "Tine" Kastner from Delingsdorf ward; she lives in Trittau. I didn't know her, but Stella had met her before.

Tine was on her way to Darmstadt to meet a young man she had met through—a site she shouldn't have been using since she doesn't 18 for another 10 days.

In Lüneburg, a young student got in; she was on her way back home to Mainz after a weekend with her boyfriend in Lübeck.

I started talking to her, too, and found that her name was Anne Kreplin(sp?) and she's studying medicine.

Throughout the remainder of the journey, we talked with Anne and (except for a bit where she had to find another seat because she hadn't reserved one and the "owner" claimed the one she was using) Tine. This caused time to pass rather quickly.

Got the connection in Friedberg well, despite a brief delay. Met others, went shopping. Retrieved luggage when Jennifer came. Now to bed.

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