Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Second appointment at the hospital

Today was our second appointment at the hospital to talk about the upcoming birth.

We were greeted by a Vera Tardos; when she pronounced her name with a final /S/, I asked her whether that was a Hungarian name, and she said yes. She also said that I was the first to guess correctly; most people thought it was Spanish or Greek.

I also initially thought it was Greek (though on second thoughts, she would have -ou at the end, not -os), but as soon as she pronounced it with a final /S/ I thought it must be Hungarian.

She said that she thinks Hungarian is "unlearnable"; her ex-husbands second wife, who is apparently German, has been learning Hungarian off and on for 18 years and still has problems with it, and she speaks five other languages so is not completely untalented in that area.

So if pthalogreen occasionally gets mistaken for a native speaker, it must be a figment of her imagination :)

She went through a lot of questions with us, to make sure Stella's numbers were all right and that there were no contraindications. One thing nearly disqualified us, though: Stella's low hæmoglobin level of 10.7. 12 is considered normal, and anything below 10 would disqualify us from a midwife-only birth and a doctor would have to be present.

She advised Stella to eat lots of dark red fruit such as blackberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants, and if that didn't help, to buy some Kräuterblut ("herb blood") brand drink with iron in it to build up her blood.

She also felt for the baby, determined that it was already well on its way into the pelvis with its head, and listened to its heartbeat.

At the end of the session, she get Stella an appointment for acupuncture.

So whee. Only a bit more than 4 weeks! Maybe even less, who knows?

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