Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Infant care course, part 2 of 3

Last night, Stella and I went to the second evening of the infant care course.

This evening was all about nursing your child: breastfeeding, how to do it, what to do if things don't go quite right, what's available if you can't breastfeed at all or not as much as the child needs.

We each got to try a little cup with maltodextrin which is what they give babies (in consultation with the mother) if they aren't getting enough fluids from nursing. She called it "glucose solution" but it isn't, really; part of the reason she gave it to us to taste is to show that it isn't "sugar water" what they're feeding the children.

We also watched a film made in Norway about breastfeeding. Lots of shots of women's nipples :p and children nursing, or attaching. Also expressing milk by hand or with a pump. And lots of encouragement.

And an interesting point: one reason why my mother's or grandmother's generation didn't breastfeed as much as is currently popular is not fashion but the way hospitals were organised: if you are only brought your child on a strict schedule, every four hours, regardless of whether it cries beforehand or not, you may not produce enough milk since you don't get as constant a stimulation as if you had the child with you all the time. Apparently, sometimes women weren't even allowed to touch their own children when the nurse brought them in! How weird is that.

Anyway, both of us are pro-nursing but we'll have to see how things turn out. Hopefully full nursing for at least six months and then keep nursing for some meals until, um, we stop. Which will depend on how things turn out.

Next Wednesday: medical checkups and similar bumph. Which reminds me, I need to look into getting forms sorted out for benefits and the like. Money stuff. Not sure exactly where I have to go since there are about three different kinds of money that you get for different things and you have to apply in three different places.

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