Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

PSA: UK phone number for phone posts

If you have a paid account and would like to take advantage of the ability to post an audio message ("phone post") to your journal, but you live in the UK and don't want to call a US number, it appears that there is now a UK number you can call.

This number is 0870 340 1388, and I read about it in this entry of radinden's, who apparently heard about it from beingjdc.

A quick Google implies that it was dan_lane who set up this number; see this journal entry.

I know not of rates, but I'm told that calls to this number are billed at standard BT national rate, which may be cheaper than calling the States. (In Germany, it wouldn't be: it's actually very slightly cheaper to call the States than to make a long-distince national call, if you pick the right carrier -- and if you use the national telephone company for your national call, calling the States with an alternative carrier can be quite a bit cheaper.)

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