Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


OK, I wanted to upload some photos to a place where friends and family could see them and where people in Germany could order prints as well. Not sure of a suitable place, though; can onyone suggest anything?

GMX provides 5 gigs of space, so it'd seem natural, but I think they don't have integrated print ordering. They also don't seem to provide for full album sharing - you have to invite people for 30-day guest access which is bothersome since you need to (a) send out explicit invitations and (b) renew them every 30 days. doesn't allow that much space and doesn't seem to provide for print ordering, either.

So at the moment, I went with a account, since I know a colleague of mine has an account there where she puts her pics. However, they only allow 30 megs, which isn't that much - and I haven't had time to crop the pictures. And even though Yahoo apparently cropped them for me automatically, it still charges me for the full file size :p

So I stuck them on a Photobucket account as well, for those who want bigger pictures (though they crop images larger than 500KB as well—but not as strongly as Yahoo).

Either of those places may or may not be updated as I post new photos—or I may be moving to a different place altogether. Suggestions welcome.

But for now, have a look at and/or

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