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State of the Amy

Like a yo-yo. This afternoon: meh; this evening: yay!

When we got back to the hospital after a couple of hours at home (cleaning up, Stella taking a proper shower, etc.), we found her awake, and the nurse said he had just called the ward where Stella's bed is asking for her to come up, so we arrived just in time.

We changed her nappy, weighed her, and fed her: only 10 g (0.35 oz). Hm. Not so good. But then we changed her nappy again to try to wake her up a bit and weighed her again, and this time she drank 50 g (1.75 oz)! OK, so I fudged a little by rounding her starting weight down a bit and her ending weight up a bit, but even without that, it'd have been around 45 g (1.6 oz). We then got to change her again, or at least take her nappy off, because the nurse came in and asked us to take her temperature when we change her nappy—two minutes after we had done so. Her temperature was 36.9 °C (98.4 °F).

When we told the nurse that, he said that both the amount she had drunk and the temperature were very satisfactory, and that he no longer saw a need for a bilirubin blood test, since she was drinking so well (and she had also drunk 50 g when he had bottle-fed her while we were away, when she had woken up).

After that, Stella went to pump some milk to relieve the pressure on her breasts, since Amy seemed to be done and no longer have interest in nursing; I held her during this time. She was awake the whole time, which she hadn't done before while I was there, and I talked a bit to her and hummed some songs. Once, she cried briefly, but was satisfied again quickly. She also made lip-smacking noises or opened her mouth and stuck her tongue over her lower lip, and I wondered whether she was hungry, even though she had just drunk so much.

When Stella came back, I asked her about it, but she said she was probably only playing around, especially since she seemed so content. But after a bit, she decided to try to nurse anyway, and though Amy at first just suckled a little, after a while she started drinking a little bit from both sides. And she stayed awake! I was so proud of her.

I hope this keeps up, and that the night shift calls Stella regularly whenever Amy wants something. I left just before nine to catch a bus and Stella left around the same time because she needed to eat her supper or her circulation would go wonky; fortunately, the last bit of nursing had made Amy sleepy and she didn't protest when we laid her in her bed.

If she keeps this up, then things look really good. Let's see whether tomorrow is up or down :p

I met one of the nurses from the night shift (shift change was from half-past eight to nine): she was Sister Claudia, the one who had picked up Amy on Thursday and brought her over. She seemed very nice.

Incidentally, on the way to the hospital, I met some Greek women and talked to them; they said they were also going to the Mariahilf hospital later, and indeed I met them again at the bus stop when I wanted to go home. I talked with them a little to practise my Greek; as a conversation starter, I asked them how they say "Harburg" in Greek.

I know that "Hamburg" has an accepted Graecisation(?) of Amvoúrgho (based on the spelling), so I wondered whether "Harburg" (the part of Hamburg where we live) would turn into "Arvoúrgho" by analogy or would simply be fitted into Greek phonology as "Kharbourg". It turned out that they say "Amvoúrgho" but "Kharbourg". Eh.

The woman said that initially when she heard me speaking, she thought I was a Greek who had grown up in Germany. I take that as a pretty good compliment. I surprised myself how much I remembered, though I occasionally lacked a word.

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