Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

State of the Amy

The State of the Amy is "decent".

I went to the hospital right after church; Harald and Anika were kind enough to drive me to the front door of the hospital, so I didn't need to take a bus nor walk up the hill to the hospital.

Stella was in the NICU tending to Amy when I arrived; she was completing the second "course" of a meal which totalled about 50 g, which is all right.

After the third course (just a bit of suckling, really; not much substance), she fell asleep, and we put her in her cot. Stella said she'd like to go for a walk, so we told the nurse on duty about that and went in the nearby Meyer's Park.

From there, I called my sister Elaine to enquire whether she'd be able to be there if Stella comes home tomorrow, to help out. She said unfortunately not, since she had to work tomorrow (or rather, she could come, but not before seven-ish in the evening, since she'd have to come there from work), but that she could take a half-day off on any or all of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We said we'd call her on Monday with news and whether she should come over on Tuesday morning or not.

We went back to the hospital and had another look at Amy, but she was still sleeping, and Stella didn't want to wake her, so we went down to Stella's room and talked a bit.

Since the nurses still hadn't rung by ten to six, I decided to leave, since I didn't want to stay there all evening. (If Amy had woken up, I would have stayed to spend a bit of time with her.)

So while she still sleeps a bit, she seems to be getting enough food to satisfy the nurses.

Incidentally, Stella says that one of the nurses on the night shift said that her sister (daughter? I forget) also had a similar problem and would stop breathing sometimes when she had cried too much; Stella was relieved that it wasn't just her daughter and herself who had that. The nurse said it was not a big deal if you notice in time (and even if not, they usually start breathing again spontaneously once they pass out and it's up to the body's basic life-support mechanisms rather than conscious control to keep things up), but that we should be careful not to let the child use this as a way to get her own way.

So on the whole, things are still looking up.

(Also for some others: one mother said that they'd be allowed to take their child home on Wednesday; it's a preemie, but they're allowed to go home not just when they reach term but when they reach 36+0, as long as they fulfil some requirements such as low enough bilirubin levels, weigh at least 2000 g, and are gaining weight.)

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