Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Poll answers

OK, here are the answers to the poll I had recently about how you perceive me (as well as the companion poll).

1. What sex am I?
Correct answer: You all got "male" correct.

2. How old am I?
Mean: 26.40 Median: 26
Correct answer: 28

3. How tall am I (in cm)?
Mean: 176.50 Median: 176
Correct answer: 179 (70.5" or 5'10.5")

4. How much do I weigh (in kg)?
Mean: 77 Median: 79
Correct answer: before Christmas - 79. Now more like 81. (174-178 lb)

5. What is my native language? (Choose as many as you think apply.)
Correct answer: English and German. (Again, all of you got that right.)

6. What colour are my eyes?
Correct answer: Brown

7. What colour is my hair?
Most people guessed some shade of brown.
Correct answer: Brown with a bit of red. When I had a beard for a while, it was quite reddish but I don't think it shows in my hair.

8. What is my favourite colour?
Two votes for green, two for blue, and one for blue/black.
Correct answer: I don't know! I was curious to see what people think. But I never know what to answer when people ask me whether I have a favourite colour or favourite number. Stella thinks that green is my favourite colour, though, so those who voted for that can feel they've got it right :)

9. What style clothes do I wear?
Most people guessed something like "Casual slacks and shirt".
Correct answer: Usually jeans, a T-shirt, and a (casual) shirt on top of that. I love shirts because I need pockets to carry a calender, pens, and note cards for random scribblings in! When it gets warmer, I drop the T-shirt underneath my shirt, rather than the shirt over the T-shirt. (What are "slacks", though, and how do they differ from "pants/trousers"?)

10. What is my job/profession?
Most people guessed something with computers or "being smart".
Correct answer: I'm a software developer for a fairly small company that makes custom software for other companies.

11. I am currently...
Correct answer: Married. All those who answered this one got it right.

12. I have ... children...
Correct answer: 0. Same here.

Thank you to those who had a go at answering the questions!
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