Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

State of the Amy

Now that Amy's home, the “State of the Amy” postings will probably become more infrequent. (“Yay!” I hear you cry.)

Apparently, the male nurse helped us quite a bit by putting in a good word for us with the doctors; he also said that if it had been his call, he'd have had us out of there on Sunday. Interesting; I hadn't thought that he cared that much.

So mother and baby are home, and I'm finally on holiday (didn't get quite finished on Monday so I had to go in again today for a couple of hours to tie up the final loose ends).

She drinks like a fish, though not at night (fortunately). Though since Stella and Amy can't dock "blind", they need to switch on the light at night to nurse; this woke me up this night at three o'clock and again at around six. Urk.

But Stella has switched around bulbs so the one on her side is a bit dimmer now; let's see whether that'll help. Maybe they can manage without light as well at some point.

Now that Amy is wearing things we bought, she looks two sizes too small :) since we don't have so many things in the very smallest sizes.

Today, we inaugurated the pram; we wanted to go shopping together and take advantage of the fact that my sister Elaine was there in her car, but the seat belts were a bit too short to hold the baby carrier in, so they had to take the pram instead and use the bus. Stella says that the pram is very easy to push—it nearly pushes itself.

She sleeps quite a bit, but not worryingly much.

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