Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

My day

This morning, Amy threw up over me while I had her in a sling—at first, I thought she might have thoroughly wet her nappies since I just felt something warm and moist, but when I looked down I saw barf on the sling and on my shirt. Ick. Fortunately, Stella took care of her.

My aunt Eva came over and brought us some little socks she had knitted (the last pair she had started this morning and finished outside the house just before coming up :D). Only 24 stitches around the body of the sock and 20 around the bottom part!

Around noon, we went to the office to show off Amy there, and also so I could pick up my timesheet since I wasn't sure how many days of holiday I had left this year. I also saw that in the copy of the holiday application which was on my desk, the number of hours had been amended since you only get one day off when your wife gives birth, not two, so the number of hours coming out of my regular holiday pool had been adjusted accordingly. I have about 155 hours left, and 120 hours in this holiday after the adjustment, so I'll have to see whether I need more or less than four days (32 hours) of holiday for the remainder of the year. (I'll need one day at least for when [if?] I go to Saarbrücken to the qepHom, and probably most of the rest for around Christmas / between Christmas and New Year's Day.)

On the way back home, we ate at Burger King and then went shopping, and I also ordered prints of one of the pictures that we can send to relatives.

When we got home, Stella remembered that she had forgotten to buy disposable nappies; she wants to try them out for a bit because Amy's bottom is a bit sore and she thinks it may be from the cloth nappies which don't wick away the liquids the way disposable ones usually do. So I got sent up the hill in the rain to buy some :p and also got some yoghurt for myself while I was at it.

Oh, incidentally, Stella wants to try to avoid milk and milk products for a week to see whether that will improve Amy's stomach ache.

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