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Bathtime with Daddy

This evening, Amy managed to drench nearly all of her clothes when she threw up; Stella decided this might be a good time for a bath, and I decided that I'd take her with me in the big bathtub.

So we heated the bathroom and prepared towels etc. and let in the bath water, then I got in and Stella undressed Amy and gave her to me.

I had planned to put her on my chest but then she would have been out of the water and would have got cold much more quickly, so I sat up and held her on my legs and washed her there.

Stella took a couple of pictures; here's one:

The other one is in the usual place, along with a rotated, cropped version.

Oh, and we're both glad that she seems to like bathing; Stella had been a bit worried that she might not. But she didn't cry until she was taken out of the bath—probably from the cold, since she calmed down once she was wrapped in a big towel and Stella was drying her off.

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