Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

General Conference

I wish I had gone to the broadcast in the stake house on Saturday evening; listening to it through the Internet, with no video, just wasn't the same.

On Sunday morning, I went there and saw Nadine and Mirco Langbehn sitting near the entrance; there I also saw their baby for the first time. The last time I had seen Nadine was six months ago at General Conference, about a week or two before the baby came; it's now (obviously) about five-and-a-half months old. I asked for her name and she said something that sounded like [mija lYn]; I wondered how that was written (Miya as in Japanese? Mija?) and she said M-I-A. Oops - /mia/ not /mija/, despite what it sounded like. The second name was fairly straightforwardly |Lynn|.

On Saturday evening, the projection on the big screen didn't work for some reason in the cultural hall where they had the English sound track, so people had to cluster around a television set. Sunday morning, the chairs were also arranged around the TV set but the technicians got the projector working about two-and-a-half minutes before the session started, whereupon there was much shuffling of chairs so that you could get a decent view of the projection screen :) I put my backpack up on the stage beneath the screen since the projector was near the floor rather than on a table and I didn't want to see the bright lens beneath the screen.

When Stella came with Amy, lots of people gawked at her, which made me feel nice ;) And a couple of new parents were envious because even though their children were only four and eight months, respectively, they wished back to the time when their babies were so small and cute. Pwned =). So things were moderately fun.

I decided to go home after the time-shifted Saturday afternoon session and listen to the Sunday morning session over the Internet as I didn't feel up to attending yet another session there. Eh. Perhaps I should have. Whatever.

At home, we listened to the session in German, for Stella's benefit; I was wondering whether Elder Uchtdorf would provide his own voice-over as he had done at the last General Conference where he spoke, but he didn't. (I suppose he had had less notice than the last time, when he was a regularly scheduled speaker rather than a newly-called Apostle.)

Points that stayed in my mind after Conference were a talk on repentance and forgiveness Sat am (I forget by whom), one on fasting on Fast Day by Carl B. Pratt and one on pornography by President Hinckley in the Priesthood Session, and one on a testimony of the Church's leaders and of priesthood keys by Henry B. Eyring and one on testimony in general by M. Russell Ballard in the Sat pm session.


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